Hello from Kate …

Kate's Road Trip on the Wild Atlantic Way

Kate’s Road Trip along the West Coast of Ireland


I’m Kate and I invite you to join me on my Road Trip along the world’s longest defined coastal touring route for the Wild Atlantic Way Online Guide website. I plan to visit each of the Discovery Points and the Signature Discovery Points starting in Cork and working my way up the coastline to Donegal. I won’t be making an epic journey but rather short breaks over many months – I think the Wild Atlantic Way lends itself to this type of touring – the route is not one to be seen as a challenge that must be completed in record time, in fact I fancy the top marks go to those who take their time, get lost a bit, double back to something that catches their eye and yield to the temptation to linger awhile and feel the sand in their toes.

I live in Kerry so this type of exploration is something that I plan (or hope!) to weave into my life over the coming months. I’m looking forward to sharing photos, video and stories with you. If you would like to suggest a special must-see sight please click the button below to email me – Also if you have a business on The Wild Atlantic Way that you would like me to visit I would be happy to do so and will review it for this website.

Talk soon,