A Cork Wild Atlantic Way Signature Discovery Point

Dursey Island

Dursey Island is a truly unique place and a derserving Wild Atlantic Way Signature Discovery Point. It is a mere 6.5 km long and 1.5 km wide and located off the south western tip of the Beara Peninsula in Cork. It is accessed via Ireland’s only cable car which crosses between the mainland and the island on a cable 26m (80ft) above the sea. It is the only cable car in Europe that operates over seawater.

The story of Dursey Island is sad and bloody. In 1602, after the Irish defeat at The Battle of Kinsale, 300 of it’s inhabitants, were massacred. That winter the remaining 1,000 of the O’Sullivan Bere Clan set out on a long march in freezing conditions to join their kinsmen in County Leitrim. They were attacked by both Irish and English all along the route. Only 35 of the 1,000 reached Leitrim.

There are no shops, pubs or restaurants on the island but the scenery, nature and wonderful ambiance of the island more than makes up for this.