A Donegal Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point

Mountcharles Pier

Mountcharles Pier and the village of Mountcharles is located between Donegal Town and Killybegs in the south of County Donegal and is a Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point.

The area was originally known as Tamhnach an tSalainn (meaning “The salt mountain field”). This refers to a salt mine in the area. It was renamed Mount Charles by the local 17th century landlord Charles Conyngham after himself. Charles Conyngham was a direct ancestor of the current Lord Henry Mountcharles of Slane Castle in County Meath famous for it’s music festivals.

Many of the local buildings date from the 17th century with one building in the village known as the Olde Market House built in 1676.

The pier is a tranquil spot with good views.

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