A Mayo Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point

Doo Lough Valley and Famine Memorial

A stone memorial, the Doolough Famine Memorial, in the form of a simple stone cross was erected in memory of the victims of the famine in this area and in particular those that died on 30th March 1849 following a grueling walk of 12 miles in poor weather and in an already weakened state. The march from Louisburgh through the Doo Lough Valley to Delphi House was in order to petition their their Landlord, the Marquis of Sligo, for help. The request was denied. Reports of the numbers that perished vary but it is said  that of the 600 that made the journey, 400 died on the road on the way back home.

The ‘Famine Walk Memorial’ is engraved with quotes from both Gandhi and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

To Commemorate
The Hungry Poor
who walked here in 1849
and walk the Third World today

Freedom for South Africa 1994

“How can men feel themselves
Honoured by the humiliation
of their fellow beings”

Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa

A walk is held along this route each year in memory of the Doolough dead and to highlight the starvation of the world’s poor still today.

The area itself is very scenic.