We love maps! This Wild Atlantic Way Route Atlas really works for us

Wild Atlantic Way Xploreit Route Atlas Review

Call us old school but no matter how many websites we use to plan a road trip (including our own!) we still take comfort in having a good quality Route Map in the car. The lure of exploring the backroads often comes at a price of being in an area with poor internet connectivity so having a paper map makes sense, plus you can always jot down notes for the next time you are in that area :-)

There are many such maps available for the Wild Atlantic Way and the first one we are reviewing for you is the Wild Atlantic Way Route Atlas by Xploreit.

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The Route Atlas is a sturdy ring bound volume with a laminate cover. There are fold out maps for each section of the route. The GPS coordinates of each of the over 150 Discovery Points are listed as well as scenic view points, historical or cultural places of interest and beaches. The 15 Signature Discovery Points are given special emphasis as you would expect.

  • 30 fold out maps
  • Distance charts
  • Discovery Points List with GPS coordinates
  • Island Ferry departure points
  • Scenic View point, Places of Interest
Route Atlas Review 1
Route Atlas Review 2

Watch out for the distinctive official Wild Atlantic Way Route signs along the way.

Wild Atlantic Way Road Signs
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points Signpost at Dunquinn

And of course each of the Discovery points is marked with a large metal signpost. We understand that these were mean to ‘frame the view’, personally I think the view needs no addition but they do help when you are trying to remember from your photos exactly where you have been!

In summary we would recommend the Wild Atlantic Route Atlas by Xploreit. One comprehensive map covering the whole route from Cork to Donegal, in a logical and useful layout.

You can purchase the Atlas from our Amazon link here.

Plus, for a limited time, if you Like our Facebook page you will be in with a chance to win a copy of this Atlas for Free!

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